amrita is hot #TeamRobFord

johnttavares i am syrian!! and i always love hearing stories about white girls yes please



remember this show where this one dude had to guess what is he smelling and he put his nose into someones asshole and went “smells like ass” and the commentator went “correct” and this dude did the funniest expression ever. wheres that gif


top 5 countries and would u rather be 4'5 or 7'5

top 5 countries (in no order): canada ( B) ), sweden, syria ( B) ), netherlands, finland

4’5 cuz aw you’d be so cute and small and 7;5 like you’re taller than everyone and you can’t fit in cars it’s just a difficult life you know?


no wth im american i want tim hortons i hear its good 😎
its delish omg you’re missing out
FMk: me me and me

ugh this is a tough one

f: pierre

m: you

k: you

thx <3

chillestdad ok so the flames were at this club in april and they were in this little vip section and me and my friend flirted with johnny gaudreau’s friends so they let us in lmao so we were standing awkwardly with a bunch of flames players but yeah anyways smid was there and his wife and colborne were talking at the bar and me and my friend were talkign to him and my friend was like CAN YOU LINE DANCE (cause we were at this club called cowboys so.. yeah line dancing and two stepping and stuff) but he’s like “no no guys i have a wife!” and we’re like uh ok??? we were just saying to line dance.. and he’s like YEAH GUYS I’M MARRIED and pointed to his wife who was right there and we were like nooo no we’re just wondering if you can line dance and he grabbed her hand and showed us her ring and we’re like ok congrats?? then he’s like “ha yeah we’ve been married for 2 years now so we dont’ have sex anymore!” and me and my friend are like UH OK……. and he’s like “yeah i’m too old to have sex with my wife now!” and we’re like no you’re not that old! and he was like “yeah may as well find a younger woman now to have sex with since she won’t with me anymore ha ha!” and we’re standing there awkwardly like uhhhh… not having a clue what to say and he was like “NO I WAS KIDDING IT WAS A JOKE I SWEAR” and yeah it was v weird

would you rather have that huge ass dick kill you or have Pierre shove his head up your ass (wow that's weird I'm sorry)

people seeing this are gonna be like wtf WE JUST HAD A CONVERSATION ABOUT THIS GUYS I SWEAR but ok um pierre bc he is the love of my life <33333333

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johnttavares ok you&#8217;re acting like you&#8217;re SURPRISED  I made a white house petition. AND YEAH I KNOW gotta get that 100k so spread this like wild fire

johnttavares ok you’re acting like you’re SURPRISED I made a white house petition. AND YEAH I KNOW gotta get that 100k so spread this like wild fire





See, this post isnt even funny. Its just a picture of one of the hemswhatever brothers smiling, and it has 19 notes. Because someone tumblr famous posted it. OMFG. Im tired of my quality shit not getting notes omfg. it needs to stahp ok. UGH. Then again, it could be an inside joke. BUT HOW DO 19 PEOPLE SHARE AN INSIDE JOKE THIS IS THE INTERNET.


favorite NHL twitters joffrey lupul


i cant believe the NHL is deleting the habs from the league to make room for a team in hawaii :/ 

y’all think im not serious with this whole burger king/ tim hortons mess i made a petition go sign pls